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Dropbox is an online file-hosting service which lets you keep your files close to hand anywhere with an Internet connection.

The free account lets you have 2GB of space for storing files of every type. This space can be increased by buying a Premium account or taking such action as inviting friends to use the service.

With Dropbox you can have access to your files wherever you are provided there is an Internet connection... and even without, its popularity being mainly due to the synchronization of files created in Windows, Mac and Linux.

From the Dropbox web application you can upload every kind of file, create directories, share files and folders, create photo galleries and recover previous versions of files added earlier that have since been modified, all of this from a clear, straightforward interface, similar to a traditional file manager.

With all this going for it, Dropbox is turning into a really useful choice to make when deciding on online storage that is fast and secure.
Now you can use offline folders on the Dropbox smartphone app

The file-hosting name that's probably done the most for cloud storage technology has added a novelty that users have been asking for for ages now: to be able to work offline with files on the mobile appDropbox finally has one of the most requested features that other competitors have boasted for a long time.
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More than 68 million passwords robbed from Dropbox

A few days ago, many Dropbox users received an email prompting them to change their passwords if they hadn't done so since 2012. What appeared at that time to be a "preventative measure" now seems to have been revealed as a response to a leak of account info that occurred that year. To be exact, 68,680,741 accounts may have been exposed, including email addresses and encrypted passwords that in some cases may be revealed by using a weak hash that was later modified for those who reset their password.
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Dropbox Paper: Create and edit cloud docs on Dropbox

Drive has Google Docs, OneDrive has Office 365 and its smartphone apps. But what's the deal with Dropbox? The groundbreaking cloud-storage service has till now been the odd one out without its own document editing tool. But never fear, now there's an app for that: The first public beta of Dropbox Paper has just come out. With this cool tool you can now create and edit text docs online – along with all your collaborators.
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